Saturday, April 28, 2012

ChipIn to help Tigger!

I saw this post by a Facebook friend and thought I should share it:
Please pass this cat Tigger is in the hospital for a urinary blockage. I was told it would be fatal if it is not taken care of. He may need to go to the ER hospital on Sunday...that is gonna up what I have to pay...his sedimentation (sp) rates are still high, and now he refuses to eat...I am going there to try to coax him into eating and to comfort him. I will take a couple of pictures of him too...he is at least being a cranky butt...and that is good because when he came in he would not move even when handled by the vets. I will keep you posted...please please share this...this bill is so high already and if he has to go to the ER clinic overnight that is gonna push it, but I can't risk not having him there if he is still at risk of a reblockage yet. I will keep you guys posted...much love.
Here's the latest update, lifted from Tigger's donation page:
I came home from work to find my cat Tigger unable to walk well, in pain, yowling, not eating, not drinking, and vomit all over the floor. I brought him to the vet and they told me he has a urinary blockage and that without treatment he would die. They said this is fatal. So I am letting them do the treatment. The breakdown of his bill will be shown on a jpeg I post on here when I scan in the bill. Tigger is a 6 year old orange and white furball cat. He is a therapy animal and I am on SSI and barely can make ends meet, and now I will have a huge bill to pay. A rundown of the things he needed:

Examination, Blood Profile Monitor, Anesthesia-Domitor/Torb/Ket, Urinary Catheter, Radigraph, IV Catheter, IV Fluids, Surgical Materials, Hospitalization (1-3 days give or take depending on his needs), Urinalysis with Sedimentation, Examination (Medical Progress), Polyflex Injectable-Ampicillin-250mg/ml, Buprenorphine Injection, Cyproheptadine 4mg, Zeniquin 25mg, Prednisolone 5mg, Feline S/D Cans (2 weeks), Fluid Pump (daily), Tramadol 50mg, and Hospitalization (for today). The bill is aprox 1,120 if no complications, up to 1,500...if there is. 
Tigger is my world. Please help me so I can help him.
As a cat owner myself, I'm saddened by this. I can't imagine watching my own cat suffer this way. If you are willing and able to help out, please visit the donation page and chip in, or pass this on and raise awareness. Every little bit helps!

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