Thursday, June 14, 2012

Help me find a home for Riley!

For those of you unfamiliar with the Humane Society of Fargo-Moorhead in North Dakota, here is the mission statement from their website:
The Humane Society Fargo Moorhead is a non-profit organization dedicated to:
  • The prevention of cruelty to animals
  • The education of proper and humane care of animals
  • Finding permanent, loving homes for our animals
The Humane Society Fargo Moorhead (officially known as ‘Humane Society, Inc’)  was organized  in 1966 to serve the animals and communities of Cass and Clay counties. We are a pound rescue organization that takes in animals from the three municipal pounds after their time is up and their owners have not claimed them. Before the animals arrive at our facility, they are examined by veterinary staff and given all the appropriate vaccinations. These animals stay with us until they are adopted and we provide medical care as needed. Every effort is placed into the rehabilitation and placement of all of our animals. 
Our Mission is to care for, protect and place animals for adoption in life long homes, and to prevent cruelty to animals by educating our community in the proper and humane care of all animals. 
We are located in the Yunkers Farm Park in North Fargo. Please stop by for a visit! 
1201 28th Avenue North
Fargo, ND 58102
I came across Riley's photo and he reminded me of my own cat, Caramel. When I read his story, I knew I had to help this poor darling find a home. Doesn't he look like a sweetie?

Poor Riley...he's been waiting nearly 6 months for a home. Six months ago, a man stopped into our shelter with his daughter's cat...she left it with him, and he was on his way to Mpls. and threatened to just dump the cat alongside the road on his way out of town. That's how Riley ended up in our care... He was lucky in that we had been able to prevent him from being left like that, but unlucky in the fact that he's been with us for so long. Riley is much like Plato, the office cat, in some respects. Neither tolerate large amounts of petting, and Riley seems to get some entertainment out of "play biting" when he gets overly stimulated. But that's no reason he should have to sit in a kennel for months on end...who knows, perhaps some of it is out of pure frustration from the situation he is in. So, let's show Riley some love and find him a new home soon!
My Caramel has that "play biting" habit as well, and was given up by his previous owner, but luckily never had to spend any time in a shelter; he was delivered directly to me. Every cat should be so lucky.

Riley is a domestic short hair, not declawed, and up to date with his vaccines. For more information, visit the FM Humane Society's website. 

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