Thursday, June 21, 2012

Save animals from the gas chamber - support Daniel's Law

Having previously posted on the use of gas chambers in animal shelters, I feel compelled to inform my readers of Daniel's Law, which will ban the use of gas chambers in US states; named for Daniel the "Miracle Beagle," who survived a gas chamber in an Alabama shelter. He was subsequently rescued by Eleventh Hour Rescue and placed in a loving home in New Jersey. Fittingly, Daniel was named for the Biblical figure who survived being put in the lion's den.

Daniel's Law is currently in the process of being passed in Pennsylvania, and Daniel himself has a profile on Hero Dog Awards, where you can vote for him and/or make a donation.

According to his profile,
Daniel has taken nicely to the fun-loving life of a dog in a house with four other dogs. However, Daniel has also become quite the celebrity with appearances on local, national, and worldwide news outlets, highlighted by an exciting appearance on Anderson Cooper Live. Such renown has brought Daniel the opportunity to make a difference. Daniel’s adorable face and affable personality have made him a hero dog to thousands of his other canine brothers and sisters as he has become an advocate for shelter adoptions and anti-gassing laws in various state legislatures. "Daniel's Law" will soon be passed in Pennsylvania to outlaw the use of the gas chamber.
Just click on the links above to see how you can show your support for Daniel's Law, either by spreading awareness, writing to your local senators, or making a donation.

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